Miscellaneous Free Bitcoins

These websites may not pay on a timescale or may not fit into any catagory

Free HALF-HOURLY Bitcoin Websites

These sites pay out every thirty minutes

Hourly Free Bitcoin Websites

These Websites allow you to collect bitcoins once per hour

List of Daily Bitcoin Websites

These sites allow you to earn bitcoins once per day:

  • Bitcoiner: As simple as it gets. Just enter your bitcoin address and solve a captcha
  • Bitcoin Flow: Almost identical to Bitcoiner
  • Bitcoin Addict: This little faucet will get you your bitcoin fix
  • Bitcoin Jackpot: You get one chance per day to win a HUGE amount of bitcoin
  • Bitcoinar: A play on words from Bitcoiner. A simple faucet
  • BUNNY RUN : This is one of the most creative faucets out there. You select one of four bunnies and race. If your bunny wins you get a fat bitcoin bonus!
  • Bitcoin Tree: Just another simple easy daily faucet
  • BitCrate: Pick from an array of crates to break for bitcoin. There is Chance to break one with MANY bitcoins
  • Free Bitcoinz: Super high paying faucet
  • Bitcoin Dragon: 1 uBtc Every single day!
  • PPP Faucet: Free Bitcoin AND Dodgecoin Every single day
  • Bitcoin Faucet Net: Free Satoshi every 24 hours